Dental Implants

What are dental implants?
Dental implants are small posts that are inserted into a person's mouth to help replace missing teeth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?
An advantage of dental implants is that you can replace missing teeth without having to take in and out a denture or partial denture. You also do not have to drill on other teeth like you would have to with a bridge

What is the treatment procedure for getting an implant?
The process of getting a dental implant starts with a consultation where we normally take a 3d scan to determine if a patient is a good candidate. In some cases, a patient might require a bone graft prior to implant placement. On the day of surgery, we normally just use local anesthetic in the area receiving the implant. Once the implant is placed the area is sutured shut and the patient would return in two weeks for a follow up exam. If everything looks good, we then bring a patient back a few months later to scan the implant and to have a crown made to fit on top of the implant.

How do you care for a dental implant?
You care for a dental implant by brushing and flossing like you would with any other tooth. We also suggest staying up to date with routine dental exams and cleanings.

Do you place implants or work with an oral surgeon?
We place implants at my office.

What makes getting implants at your office different from being treated at another office? What makes you unique?
At my office, we always take 3D scans to ensure that we are placing implants in proper locations. I stay up to date with literature and new procedures so we can provide the best care. Additionally, we have the ability to do the entire procedure from start to finish in my office.

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